Hi, i am a total newbie to jquery.
I have an accordion menu for a project that keeps bouncing as you rollover the submenu links.
If i only have the top level and 1 or 2 of the sub menu it works, but if there is too much or if i add a 3rd level it goes crazy.

Here is my code:
function mainMenu ()

	jQuery("nav ul li").hover(function () 
	}, function () 
	jQuery("nav ul li").each(function () 
		if (jQuery(this).find("ul").size() > 0) jQuery(this).find("a").filter(":first").append(" +");

HTML (this is a wordpress theme, so the html just pulls from the default wordpress custom nav)

			<?php wp_nav_menu(array("location" => "primary")) ?>
			<div id="mobile_menu_skin">
				<?php _e("Navigate To", "cluster") ?>
				<div class="clear"></div>

		<div class="clear"></div>				
This is a video that someone use using the same wordpress theme took showing the problem.


So I am thinking that if the code is changed to a click action instead of a hover action this would work better??

Any help?