Hey, I'm a first year CompSci student and I'm trying to code a simple photo blog such that the page continues to load when the user reaches the bottom (similar to Tumblr or Facebook), that way bandwidth and time isn't wasted loading all 100+ images at once.

I'm using this code:

Right now the problem is that whatever I set as the contentPage begins to loaded fully once it reaches the bottom of the first section. (I have the first four images on the index page, and the rest on the contentPage, but once I scroll to the end of the index page the entire contentPage loads). Does anyone know how I would be able to use the code so that only a portion of the contentPage loads at a time?

Is there a simpler way to code this than the jQuery Scroll code?

I can link you to the actual page I'm working on if that helps..

Thanks (and sorry bout my noobness)