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    Need help with jQuery slider

    Hy, I'm a newbie in javascript programming and I have problem with jquery slider implementation on my page. While I can get the value of "slider" displayed in <p id="para">, i would like to do something more. Let's say i have value stored in one php variable ($a = 34 and $b = 35 for example). What i would like to do is, how to edit those 2 variables with slider?
    For example, slider would start at it's value 50 (1 min., 100 max) in the center. So when i would drag slider to the right (to lets say 60), i would like that my $a variable (34) would now become (44) and while draging all changes in $a variable would be displayed.

    Something similar in http://www.trickybet.net/lay-calculator while draging slider, the existing values "Overall position if win" and
    "Overall position if lose" change all the time. How to write function like that?
    Thanx for help!

    <div id="divOne" />
    <p id="para" />
             range: "min",
             min: 1,
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