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    jQuery script modification requirement - rel tag


    I am looking for some help in modifying a jQuery script and include an rel tag within the script to allow to link to the jQuery script with an rel tag in html. This can be done with a simple onClick line. For example, if the user was to click on an image from the HTML page, the onClick line in the jQuery script which contains the rel tag would trigger the event, if the tag is linked is present in the <a href> line for that particular image in the HTML document.

    Currently the issue, is that I currently have a line of code in my HTML (see below) that contains two seperate class for the JQuery functions. However when adding a second image with these same lines, multiple classes for MagicZoomPlus knocks my carousel alignment (cloudcarousel) which is being fed from (class="cloudcarousel" ) totally off for the rotation of the carousel. So I am trying the logical alternative which would be use an rel="xxx" in place of the current class="MagicZoomPlus". I've attached the script that requires modification as well, as a screen shot of the proper layout and the incorrect layout with the current class="MagicZoomPlus" problem to make it more clear.

    <a href="images/CO_Cabin_12_zoom.jpg" class="MagicZoomPlus" rel="disable-zoom: true; group: panzoom; hint: false"><img class="cloudcarousel" src="CO_Cabin_1.JPG" width="128" height="164" alt="Self-portrait in red chalk, circa 1512-1515." title="Deck 1 - CO_Cabin_1" /></a>.

    Anyone have any solutions? I've zipped the jQuery script along with screenshots.
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