a few days ago I asked for loading 1000 images on this page here: http://bloghutsbeta.blogspot.com/201...ting-2_04.html
(many said don't load 1000 images at same page but the issue is I don't have any other choice, in the test page I have less images than what I am talking about so Please consider 1000 images while replying) So where I reached is, some people advice me to use Jail Jquery Plugin while other advice me to use Infinite Scroll.

Now I am confused which one is better over the other SPECIALLY considering my scenario, as you can see I am using Quicksand Jquery Plugin (which loads all images at same time, doesn't keep anything hidden to be loaded later). One thing else that I would like to find out as both of the scripts are based on the user scroll do they stop the browser from loading the images that are not in the area visible to the user? As if they don't stop the user from doing so, then the purpose of using both of plugins is useless for me, as all I am trying is to control loading of many images like bing or google did.

Some other advices were to use Lazy load script with any of above plugins.

1- Pagination is not an option for me, as I don't want the users to refresh pages again and again.
2- Sprites is not option again as it is practically not possible for having 1000 images at same page and having 10,000 images over 10 pages, so you can imagine how the sprites will be.
3- Don't prefer idea that only hide the images from the user's view while still loading at the back end by the browser, as here we are trying to stop browser from loading all images at same time.