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Thread: Animation in JS

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    Question Animation in JS


    One of my friends asked me if is possible to read png files and show them as a film (animation). As I know I should to read and show about 25 files per second to make it smooth.

    I know how to read files, and show them. But how to read them all before I start to show them? It is hard to read and show 1 png per second, I think 25 is not possible... so I need to preload them...

    OK I don't have any idea how to solve this...

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    Sprite sheets....

    All your png images on 1 image in a line equally spaced as "frames", then you change the offset sliding the image x or y 1 frame multiple times/second. When it gets to the end it starts over or shifts down a row and keeps running depending on how many sprites you're using...

    Solves your other problem of waiting until all images are loaded and it cuts down on calls for images.

    Here's a tutorial using jquery http://www.darian-brown.com/2d-sprit...tion-tutorial/
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