I am really new to web design and I have never really used jquery or javascript, but I am learning.


This is the nav on a site I am making. I am trying to get a drop down subnav to apear when a nav link is clicked and then I want the subnav to disappear when a different nav link is clicked. I dont want the subnav to disappear when another subnav link is clicked. Does that make sense? As you can see if doesnt do that and I dont know why.

I know that normally a hover type subnav would work well, but for the purposes of my site it wont work. I know that it is not styled well. I stripped the html/css to make it simpler.

I would appreciate any help anyone wants to give. Im a pretty new coder. Im not even sure I set this page up right, so if you can think of a better way of doing things, let me know.