So this is probably a pretty elementary (stupid) question.
I have the below code which is displaying an expandable banner.
Right now it opens automatically for a split second on load.
When I remove the slideUp parameter, it loads in the open position.

How can I modify the below script so that when the banner loads, it's in the closed position, and will open on click?

Thank you in advance.
<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
setTimeout($('#mySlider').slideUp('fast'), 1);

$('#down').click(function() { $('#mySlider').slideDown('fast')});
$('#up').click(function() { $('#mySlider').slideUp('fast')});

<div id="myTopConainer">
<label id="down">
<img src="">
<div style="padding-top:40px;" id="mySlider">
<div style="background-image:url(; height:259px; background-repeat:no-repeat">

<div style="width:164px; height:34px; position:relative; top:70px; left:740px;">
<a href="" ><img style="border:0px; float: right;" src=""></a>
<div style="width:164px; height:34px; position:relative; top:110px; left:740px;">
<a href=""><img style="float: right; border:0px;" src=""></a>
<div style="width:21px; height:24px; position:relative; top:135px; left:840px;">
<label id="up"><img style="float: right; padding-bottom:5px;" src="" alt="" width="21" height="24" /></label>
<div style="clear:both;">