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Thread: underscore.js?

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    Question underscore.js?

    Do any of you use underscore.js or is there another more popular library or tool I should use to do these kinds of things?

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    there are dozens of 1.6 libraries out there. Jazzo and i both have one in the "post a javascript" section, prototype is the king daddy of them, and jQuery offers many functional programming constructs. dustin diaz has a 2kb Array1.6 lib floating around.

    I didn't like underscores duck typing, templating, and loose-comparisons, but i do think the type of functionality it provides is very useful. I cannot live without [].map and [].filter, so i can't criticize any array implementation too much. I do like that underscore is not a huge file, about 10kb the last i checked. For my use, i have smaller ones i like better, but you can do a lot worse than underscore.
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