I am building a small jQtouch web app that I am having trouble with...

(it uses the HTML 5 Javascript local database. so it's hard to illustrate, but here is a basic example...)


<div id="home" class="current">
        <li><a href="#cities" id="banks">Banks</a></li>
<div id="cities">
<div id="display">

jQuery: //

S("#banks").one("tap", function(){
    var $cities = $("#cities ul");
    $cities.append("<li><a href='#display' class='boston'>Boston</a></li>");
    $cities.append("<li><a href='#display' class='chicago'>Chicago</a></li>");
    $cities.append("<li><a href='#display' class='houston'>Houston</a></li>");
    $cities.append("<li><a href='#display' class='miami'>Miami</a></li>");
// Do this for each city, etc....
    $display = $("#display");
    $display.append("<h3>Description of bank and street address.</h3>");
    $display.append("<img alt='boston-bank-image' src=''boston/bank/image/path.jpg />");
As you can see, the static links use the one() event handler to prevent duplication of appended content on multiple clicks.

I can't seem to figure out how to get one and tap to bind as a live event (so that dynamically generated links can fire it as well...

I imagine I may have to create a new event but I have no understanding as of how to do this...