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    Question From scrollTo to fadeTo

    My task is to gracefully change the scrollTo function to use fadeTo from inside serialscroll.js taken from eleganttheme's ePhoto Wordpress theme. I simply tried changing the single scrollTo to fadeTo inside of serialScroll.js only for the scrolling featured section on the homepage to disappear entirely.

    I have found: docs.jquery.com/Effects/fadeTo and intend to study it more in-depth, but any extra help would be greatly appreciated.

    My project lives at: http://mdm.cc/danielfinaldi/

    The scrollTo function is called once in the following document: http://mdm.cc/danielfinaldi/wp-conte...erialScroll.js

    Another player is: http://mdm.cc/danielfinaldi/wp-conte...oto/js/init.js

    and just in case, here is the js directory file list: http://mdm.cc/danielfinaldi/wp-conte...mes/ePhoto/js/

    Thank you for your time and consideration, We are grateful.

    Peace & Love, Michael D. Mooring

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    You've got a couple errors in there right now. Fixing them first will help debug the other issues:
    Error: missing ; before statement
    Source File: http://mdm.cc/danielfinaldi/wp-conte...?v1_15&ver=2.9
    Line: 1, Column: 147

    Error: element.dispatchEvent is not a function
    Source File: http://mdm.cc/danielfinaldi/wp-inclu...ype.js?ver=1.6
    Line: 3936

    Error: u.scollTo is not a function (should be "scrollTo)
    Source File: http://mdm.cc/danielfinaldi/wp-conte...erialScroll.js
    Line: 1

    Error: jQuery("ul.superfish").superfish is not a function
    Source File: http://mdm.cc/danielfinaldi/
    Line: 67
    Feel free to e-mail me if I forget to respond ;)


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