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    How to load a script into another


    I'd like to know if it's possible to load a script into another script. I am talking about the 'Cut & Paste Multiple Dynamic Combo Boxes' script and I'd like to load the 'Cut & Paste JQuery Mega Menu' into the last Combo Box. Can anyone help me out please?

    Let me explain what I mean. I've got 6 combo boxes and the last combo box has to give information about the specific chosen options. I was either thinking about a description box, only for the last combo box, or maybe the 'Cut & Paste jQuery Mega Menu' script.

    So when people follow the script and get to the last box, the specific information shows up, with the help of another script.

    Do you know how to do this and if you do, can you please tell me how I can do that?

    Thank you very much in advance.



    If this isn't possible of you don't know how... Do you know how I can display an image instead? Meaning that people select certain options in the combo boxes and at the end, information pops up (with the help of the display of an image) according to the selected options. No other options need to appear, only the specific information. But when people select other options previously, different information (thus another image) appears.

    Do you know how to do that?

    Maybe this is simpler...
    I also saw the script that had description boxes (the īCut & Paste Drop down messagesī script). Is it possible to create a script that has 5 normal combo boxes like the 'Cut & Paste Multiple Dynamic Combo Boxes' script and add in one box with a description (like the īCut & Paste Drop down messagesī script)? Maybe I phrashed my question too difficulty before. But that's basically what I want: 5 normal combo boxes and the last one (connected to the previous 5 combo boxes) has to have a description about the chosen options.

    Thank you very very much in advance for your help!
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