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    jquery: a bug in safari and chrome - css({overflow:'auto'})

    I set the body tag to overflow:hidden when the page is ready.

    and i try to set the overflow to 'auto' when the 'show more' is clicked.

    it works fine in firefox and IE 8. but it wont work on safari and chrome - show the scroll bar when the show more' is clicked.

    it only works in safari and chrome if I set it to,

    but i only want to show the scroll when there are content is overflowed only.

    how can i fix this browser bugs?

    here are the links to look at,

    many thanks,

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    I do not have the problem you specify, when there is overflow: auto; set to the body but does not overflow Google Chrome does not show the scroll bar, only until there is overflow does it show.

    Although I do notice that when you set overflow: hidden; in Google Chrome it set two properties (overflow-x and overflow-y) as opposed to simply overflow which may be jQuery or simply how it manipulates overflow. As seen here (www.grabup.com/uploads/c20a340123fe.png)

    I should also mention this really isn't a bug.


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