I have been able to show iframes with jquery easily, but for some reason I cant this one to work.

I am using the same exact setup in the same page to show this one, but it is not working like the other three.

I need the iframe to fadeIn once an image is clicked.

I have narrowed it down to class="artists"

which in the css is set to {display: none;}

without it there the iframe shows the entire time. With it there the iframe wont show at all.

For the setup that does work I have: (I have two others with this exact setup (different id though) that work just fine)

<iframe src="/photo_site/photographers.html" id="photo_list" class="artists" width="599" height="399"></iframe>
The jquery uses the id to show and hide the element.

The one that doesnt work:

<iframe src="/photo_site/contact.html" width="610" height="399" id="contact_form" class="artists"></iframe>
just like before jquery uses the id to show and hide the element

The jquery I am using to show the element is:

		$("img#site").fadeOut(250, function() {
For more deatils on this dilema I have provided the link:


Thanks a lot for your help