I design and use DOS batch files for many functions I do, mainly as it is the easiest way to create/append log, list or report files on the harddrive as a result.

DOS command still have a limited scope compared to my js scripts where it is easier to set input fields, filters, branching, modules, etc. but as far as I unserstand JS is designed not to access the local system in writing functions for security concerns.

So my question is how can your transfer results to a file on the local system.

: Change script types like VB? or some other export command?

As an alternative, I have programs that capture all Copy commands, so I could programmically select and copy each result > to file, but that would be cumbersome and prevent the script from being stand alone (plus I haven't learned the code for that yet, either).

In Spider Monkey JS, the commands can interact with the local system, as used by programs such as AviDemux