Hi guys.. I'm a newbie to javascript. I am not super new to CSS or HTML.. I can even do some php, but javascript is all new to me. HOWEVER, i am trying to design a website for my husband, and he wants a fancy gallery effect (and i wont let him create a flash one) I am stuck with javascript.

NOW, i have gotten myself PRETTY far. Have the plugin installed and working within the structure of the actual website, HOWEVER, there are some slight customizations that I need to make to the actual CODE that just arent happening for me.

You can see the working script here as it is on my site

and here is the jquery.galleriffic.js file contents

as you can see, its not sitting very pretty in there. Basically, I am trying to find out how I can get the thumbnails to sit on the right and the large image to open on the left..

I am also trying to figure out how to limit the number of rows to 5 rows.. or the number of total thumbnails to 10, however, I have looked and I do not see any limiters as far as quantity goes.

I am USUALLY pretty good at looking at coding and finding it, but this time I am just plain lost.

PLEASE help. I will beg borrow and steal to get this done.