I am using the lavalamp plugin on the links on a featured content fader. It all seems to work pretty well. The only thing I can figure out is how to do the following:

When the arrow right is clicked the lavalamp slides along to the next number as it is now the one active. At the moment my slider script adds "current" to the class of the selected anchor. I believe lavalamp changes the following to move the back appropriately:

<li class="back" style="overflow: hidden; left: 119px; width: 27px; display: block;">
Changing the left distance appropriately. Any ideas how I can get this to be achieved when clicking the next arrow on my slider?

Here is the lavalamp code:

 * LavaLamp - A menu plugin for jQuery with cool hover effects.
 * @requires jQuery v1.1.3.1 or above
 * http://gmarwaha.com/blog/?p=7
 * Copyright (c) 2007 Ganeshji Marwaha (gmarwaha.com)
 * Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses:
 * http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
 * Version: 0.2.0
 * Requires Jquery 1.2.1 from version 0.2.0 onwards. 
 * For jquery 1.1.x, use version 0.1.0 of lavalamp

 * Creates a menu with an unordered list of menu-items. You can either use the CSS that comes with the plugin, or write your own styles 
 * to create a personalized effect
 * The HTML markup used to build the menu can be as simple as...
 *       <ul class="lavaLamp">
 *           <li><a href="#">Home</a></li>
 *           <li><a href="#">Plant a tree</a></li>
 *           <li><a href="#">Travel</a></li>
 *           <li><a href="#">Ride an elephant</a></li>
 *       </ul>
 * Once you have included the style sheet that comes with the plugin, you will have to include 
 * a reference to jquery library, easing plugin(optional) and the LavaLamp(this) plugin.
 * Use the following snippet to initialize the menu.
 *   $(function() { $(".lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ fx: "backout", speed: 700}) });
 * Thats it. Now you should have a working lavalamp menu. 
 * @param an options object - You can specify all the options shown below as an options object param.
 * @option fx - default is "linear"
 * @example
 * $(".lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ fx: "backout" });
 * @desc Creates a menu with "backout" easing effect. You need to include the easing plugin for this to work.
 * @option speed - default is 500 ms
 * @example
 * $(".lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ speed: 500 });
 * @desc Creates a menu with an animation speed of 500 ms.
 * @option click - no defaults
 * @example
 * $(".lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ click: function(event, menuItem) { return false; } });
 * @desc You can supply a callback to be executed when the menu item is clicked. 
 * The event object and the menu-item that was clicked will be passed in as arguments.
(function($) {
$.fn.lavaLamp = function(o) {
    o = $.extend({ fx: "linear", speed: 500, click: function(){} }, o || {});

    return this.each(function() {
        var me = $(this), noop = function(){},
            $back = $('<li class="back"><div class="left"></div></li>').appendTo(me),
            $li = $("li", this), curr = $("li.current", this)[0] || $($li[0]).addClass("current")[0];

        $li.not(".back").hover(function() {
        }, noop);

        $(this).hover(noop, function() {

        $li.click(function(e) {
            return o.click.apply(this, [e, this]);


        function setCurr(el) {
            $back.css({ "left": el.offsetLeft+"px", "width": el.offsetWidth+"px" });
            curr = el;

        function move(el) {
            $back.each(function() {
                $(this).dequeue(); }
                width: el.offsetWidth,
                left: el.offsetLeft
            }, o.speed, o.fx);

You can see my other js on the website I am using them on: