Having a problem with lightwindow 2.0 or more likely my HTML, CSS or my slow brain and can't seem to find a solution. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to give.

I have a page that is opening a Lightwindow with some content inside of it. When clicking the CORPORATE link some content does not appear pending on the url you have typed in. Particularly a flash .SWF.

When typing the url... http://designedevents.com/test

The flash swf plays perfectly. At least on the systems I have access to.

When adding in the www then it will not show the .SWF. See the following link...


Any ideas into what could be causing this problem? Any testing and confirmation of the problem would be appreciate. Please do leave information about the URL that you typed and the browser that you were in when doing so.

Thanks again for any time that you put into this.

Also sometimes the hidden content that should be loading later into a lightwindow is visible when the page initially loads. Is this because the flash is loading first. Should I move the included files before the one that includes the swf gallery on the index page?