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    [jQuery] Is there anyway to tell if a user has enlarged thier text?

    Basically that's it. I can use a font resize function and then refire my other script accordingly but, is there a way to know if a user has used ctrl+ or crtl-scroll to resize and then refire the script?
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    other than intercepting/monitoring keystrokes, not that i'm aware of. and if you were to do that you'd need to make a switch/case for different browsers (using jquery's built in browser detection) to account for how each handles the zooming/font resize. all browsers do it differently.

    i had plans to research something like this as well so that i can auto zoom a page for users with poor vision (by detecting browser encoding size). for now i just use a different css sheet for now with no auto/switch. havent had the time to dig too deeply. let me know if you find a way, i'd be interested myself.



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