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    Easiest way to do edit forms?

    I'm fairly sure you've all seen the type before you have a form of data, you click an edit button all the fields change from just being text to being inputs, you edit the data you click save.

    Fairly straight forward i'd have thought.

    Now the site I'm currently working on needs lots of these edit style sources. I'm currently using just plain old prototype for the site mainly for simply loading and adding new data all my edits currently use complete form posts and load a dedicated edit page.

    I've been looking around the prototype docs (as crap as they are) and I've not found an easy way of doing it, easiest I can see is have an edit button that clears the display div then loads into there a complete form into it.

    I looked at adding scriptaclous (sp?) and I ran up a small test script to attempt what I was after however it just threw lots of insane js errors with the proto libs as soon as I included the scriptaclous lib before i'd even written any of my own js.

    Now I know vbulletin (these very forums) uses YUI and the quick edit for posts does effectively exactly what I want so I thought maybe use YUI for the whole lot but then perhaps thats a little overkill?

    Basically from those of you with experience of the various frameworks can you give me some pro's and con's from your particular experience's which are good, crap, powerfull, lacking etc.

    Thanks alot
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    Check that ^^^ out. It's really easy to use.

    remember to make sure the versions of prototype and scrtiptaculous you're trying are compatible. if you have one or the other that's outdated it'll get all pissed off.


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