Hi all,
Im a newbe in javascript, mootools, jquery ecc...so sorry if the questions are silly or stupid...

Im trying to put two effect at the same time, one is a scroll effect from mootools, the second one its another kind of scroll from jquery.

one esclude the other so I thought that maybe the jquery function could be translated/adapted into mootools function.

here's my jquery code:

var name = "#top";
var menuYloc = null;

menuYloc = parseInt($(name).css("top").substring(0,$(name).css("top").indexOf("px")))
$(window).scroll(function () {
offset = menuYloc+$(document).scrollTop()+"px";
$(name).animate( {top:offset},{duration:500,queue:false});

is it possible to adapt it for mootools?

thanks for your help in advance.

Maurizio :)