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    I've found that, whilst learning javascript from a very very weak point (where I basically knew next to nothing), the easiest Framework I've manged to click with has been the YUI because it has great documentation, is very easy to read, and I've found very easy to write. Maybe that's because it's written in a very 'javascript-like' way, but that suits me for now as one who is merely learning the language. Once I have a very firm grasp of it I will look elsewhere, but I can safely say that i have completely gotten to grips with DOM in javascript thanks to YUI (and personal experimentation) as well as namespaces and many other aspects of the uses and manipulation of web pages via javascript.

    I've begun looking through the sample files and framework files to see how they have written things and it's all fairly easy to understand, so coming from that point of view (of one who still has a lot to learn) the YUI has made the journey so much easier than I found jQuery could do.
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    Libraries are good for production, but not for learning

    I've worked in AJAX land for just over 2 years. Over those 2 years I have come so close to the DOM that I sometimes have dreams about it. I created a couple libraries that helped me pretty significantly in cutting down some code and cross browser deficiencies.

    But now, over the past couple months I have come in tune with jQuery. I've let my inhibitions loose and am diving in. My libraries were great and all but the fact that jQuery has a full time team working on it and strong community support I can't help but give in to the fact that it saves me time. The overhead of keeping my own library stable, standards compliant, and new features being added are just too much.

    So for all you DOM scripting, AJAX beginners, here is a good path to go down:
    1. Spend a couple months not even thinking about a library, just using standard DOM scripting on your sites (you'll be much more grateful when you start using a library like jQuery to see how many less lines you have to write).
    2. Think about some ways to cut down the code yourself, consolidate it, make it reusable(creating your own mini library).
    3. Understand that you can't do everything yourself. Realize the benefits you will have from using a widely prevelant library like jQuery.

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    I've recently switched to jQuery from prototype. I just got fed up with prototype + scriptaculous' ever increasing file size - up to 300Kb for the whole thing, which is ludicrous for what I'm using it for - I probably don't even use 1/10th of the functionality but my attempts to slim it down to just what I need failed since every bit is dependent on another bit.
    jQuery on its own is about 30% smaller than prototype and they provide minified and packed versions for you. (plus prototype can go a bit funky when you try to minify it)

    I also find the the jQuery documentation is much better. I've never really used the prototype docs site because its basically unusable, I've never found anything helpful there

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