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    I'm a newbie...be gentle

    Hi guys/girls,

    I'm currently working my way through a VTC Java tuturial, and have encountered something that I don't understand...

    The tutorial is in the elementary stages of coding through the command line; the tutor gives three commands:

    1) mk dir jwork; 2) cd jwork; 3) vi Howdy.java

    After entering the third command the tutor proceeds to write code to Howdy.java from the command line. It is this third command that is giving me problems. From what I understand, vi is a text editor for the Unix platform - I am a Windows user and am intending to use the text editor SublimeText. When giving the third command the command line returns " 'vi' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

    Could somebody please explain the problem to me and perhaps suggest how I should approach it.

    Many Thanks,


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    Welcome, in the future please select a title that is more suitable for the thread for easy identification.
    They are simply using a basic text editor as well. Windows would be the notepad: $p$g>notepad.exe Howdy.java. The same can likely be done with SublimeText, but you'll need to isolate the executable name.
    Alternatively, simply open the text editor itself, and save a file as Howdy.java into where your jwork directory is located. Windows shines more with its gui aspect since most windows users are used to that over the cli of linux. When it comes to java itself, the only thing IMO you should learn to use from the command line is the compiler and launcher with javac and java (which is likely a part of your tutorial). Its important you learn this so that you can identify problems particularly with the use of classpath and other compilation options that IDE environments provide you with.
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    You tutorial is based on UNIX platform.

    If interested install linux, a very good platform to work on


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