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    Cool DigiChat Java Error ....

    Does anyone know what error this means in java? I know it means it doesn't work but idk, i been working on this for weeks now trying to fix server.zip in digichat here is the error:

    ChatServer params: ports=8896,8897,8898,8899
    This server allows the following:
            Unlimited sites
            Unlimited users
            Unlimited rooms
            Moderated Chat
            Commander Login
            Expires on: Fri Jan 13 00:00:00 PST 2479
            Registered to : E G Y O N E
    DigiChat Server
    Updating DigiChat Applet...Done!
    Loading info from the file ...
    Admin: Tue Jan 18 01:17:46 PST 2011
    Site Admin (ID=0, perm=0) initialized in 34 ms.
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
            at com.juse.xmppserver.a.a.a.q(Unknown Source)
            at com.juse.xmppserver.a.a.a.a.q(Unknown Source)
            at com.juse.xmppserver.a.a.a.a.q(Unknown Source)
            at com.juse.xmppserver.a.a.a.a.e(Unknown Source)
            at com.diginet.oldchat.server.m.y(Unknown Source)
            at com.diginet.digichat.server.ChatServer.<init>(Unknown Source)
            at com.diginet.digichat.server.ChatServer.main(Unknown Source)
    I ran this command inside cmd to start the server:

    @echo off
    Java -cp Server.zip com.diginet.digichat.server.ChatServer
    If any java coders out there can help thank you, or it may be a postgresql database problem im not sure ...

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    The error means you are trying to access a non-instantiated object, but it doesn't say where (usually the backtrace will give you some lines to look at, which could be that you don't have all the lines posted here). You'll need to walk that through a debugger. Its possible as well that there is a throws that is tossing null.
    It is potential that the underlying cause is external such as your database. NullPointerException is tossed off of any null object, which would include a failed attempt at connecting to a database. If it is tossed from here, it would indicate a poor implementation of error checking.
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