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    Field of another class

    Hi all,
    I haven't got a problem, but instead a question.
    Take a look at the code below:

    public class Server  
        private Client message;
        public Server(Client message)
    When you create a field of a type of another class, and then you use that in a parameter, what exactly are you doing?

    I understand what is achieved from writing, let's say:

    message = new Client();
    As this would create a new object of type Client which could be used to call methods. However, in the first code I have shown you I haven't created a new object from it, but used the objects as a parameter.

    Please explain what is happening in that code, thanks

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    You will need to construct an instance of Client or at least assign a typeof Client to the given argument.
    Constructing a class is like creating a new datatype. When a method requires a typeof object: public void myMethod(Integer i) this method requires it to be provided an instanceof Integer (thats the integer wrapper class, not the primitive int value). Same goes with you're above code, the difference is that the class Server only cares that a Client is provided, it does not care how it got there. This is why you can call any public method on Client argument even without an instance. This assumes that you'll be providing a valid Client instance, so make sure you're try/catching for appropriate exceptions.
    You're code will in the long run look like so:
    public static void main(String... argv)
        Client c = new Client(?);
        Server s = new Server(c);
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    When you pass the object as argument to a method, your are actually passing its reference to the method. so the method can use it just like a newly constructed object, can call methods on it or do whatever it wants to. It is pass by reference and not pass by value, so it will affect original object as well.

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