Two big pastes of my horrorcode are available for you to laugh at or even help me debug at and (the calling JSP file and Java Bean, respectively). At this point my issue seems to be that for some reason my query is receiving a null and thus returning a null string or null integer arrays back to the JSP (using get/setProperty) or embedded scriptlet, respectively, when trying to display this data on the JSP page, OR that I am simply not passing the data back to the JSP page correctly in the first place thus making it impossible for me to see
that my data has been correctly accessed.

As you can see by the commented out sections, I have been commenting out more and more in depth code and attempting to get some useful debugging output by implementing simpler code to insert debugging data. Nothing that you see in there has worked to this point. The original and current faulty code is the
hilited lines on the pastebin dumps.

Thanks to anybody that may have the time to actually look over this at all. It's probably not too big of an issue, I'm just sleep deprived as all hell right now and I can't focus decently on anything.

-Damon Getsman