Help needed here....I have the following codes.....If the user click "confirm1",then the codes start from "org.tempuri.canceltravelbooking.....until java.lang.string result......"should put after the confirm by the user....May I know how should I put inside the confirm messagebox????

<%-- start web service invocation --%><hr/>
    try {
            <script type="text/javascript">
             var confirm1 = window.confirm("-------------")


        org.tempuri.CancelTravelBooking service = new org.tempuri.CancelTravelBooking();
	org.tempuri.CancelTravelBookingSoap port = service.getCancelTravelBookingSoap();

	java.lang.String bookingID = c;
	java.lang.String destination = a;
	java.lang.String date = b;
	java.lang.String personAvailable = d;
	// TODO process result here   
	java.lang.String result = port.cancelBooking(bookingID, destination, date,   
    } catch (Exception ex) 

    <%-- end web service invocation --%><hr/>