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Thread: Packages ...

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    Packages ...

    Create a utility package “Utilities” with the following classes and methods:

    b. StringUtilis
    i. firstLetter()
    ii. reverse()

    package String_package;

    public class StringUtilis {

    public String reverse;
    public String c;

    public StringUtilis() {
    this.reverse = reverse;

    public String reverse() {
    for (char c = 'z'; c <= 'a'; c++);
    return reverse();


    import String_package.StringUtilis;

    class using_StringUtilis {

    public static void main (String [] args) {

    StringUtilis s = new StringUtilis();


    Can someone help me again with this one please?

    public StringUtilis(//what shall i put in here?)
    StringUtilis s = new StringUtilis(//what shall i put in here?);


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    According to you're datatyping, you can put any "String" or char array in there.
    Change (or overload) you're constructor to accept a String parameter to which you can assign to this.reverse. According to you're current constructor, you're just missing that parameter signature.
    public StringUtils(String reverse)
        this.reverse = reverse
    // Call with
    StringUtils s = new StringUtils("This is my string");
    I'm not really sure what the purpose of you're reverse function is though, and it will also give you a circular problem (much like you're previous thread, you're calling a function within a function but not controlling a breakdown for it).
    (This smells like homework :P, so no additional code sorry, tis against our rules)

    To reverse you're string (manually), iterate through each of you're values from right to left (<string>.length), and assign the values to a new char array of size string.length -1 from 0...<string>.length - 1. So, that the last character in you're given string goes into the first value of you're char array. Return you're char array as a string. <string>.charAt gets a character and a specific position in a string.
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