Being thrown into the water with just floaties here.

public combinePictures(String sceneFile, int startingX, int startingY, int endingX, int endingY, String signFile)
Picture scene=new Picture(sceneFile);
Picture sign=new Picture(signFile); 
int targetX=((((endingX-startingX)-(sign.getWidth()))/2)+startingX);
{for (int i = 0; i < sign.getWidth(); i++){
  int targetY=((((endingY-startingY)-(sign.getHeight()))/2)+startingY);
  for (int j = 0; j < sign.getHeight(); j++){
    //int[] color=sign.getColor(i,j);
scene.write("C:\\Documents and Settings\\Mickey\\Desktop\\HoMProject9.jpg");
return (scene);}
I'm trying to get a picture into another picture at certain coordinates. I have no idea how if I'm doing the loop correctly and how to get the color of the pixel of one picture and put it on another. please help. sorry that my code looks like absolute crap.