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Thread: Java vs ASP

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    Java vs ASP


    I used to use ASP for cretaing dynamic web-application, but due to gonna to maintain some of the web application in JSP, so i got to learn JSP...
    I'm here would like to know some of the JSP fundamental before starting my JSP training. Below are my questions.

    1.) As we know, in ASP the data can be passed between pages by using Request.QueryString, Hidden Input and Session. How about JSP???

    2.) Does JSP maintain state by using session object as well???

    3.) Can JSP support COM components??? (For my understanding it should be can as JSP support IIS.

    PLease advice????

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    Well here's what I know.

    1) Yes, JSP can handle the query string, any information posted from a form (hidden fields) and it also has session management.

    2) Yep, JSP has session object you can use.

    3) I think so, but I'm not sure.


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