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    java: Not so random

    Well, I finished up a Paper-Scissor-Rock game on java. It starts off with 16 players, then goes to 8, then 4, then 2. The problem is that in nine out of ten games, the winners are the same players.
    And the problem also seems to extend to even when I(human) play agaisnt a computer. 90% of the time I lose, no matter what my choice is
    Here's a bit of my code, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it:
    //WinnersR1[] is an array were Round1 winners are stored
    //Players[0] is human user
    //Players[] is an array of strings with Players names
    boolean win = false;
                while (win == false)
                   int computer = rand.nextInt(3);//makes computer choice: 1-Scissor, 2-Paper, 3-Rock
                   UserChoice = scan.nextLine();
                   if (UserChoice.equalsIgnoreCase("s")) //if user chooses scissors
                      if (computer == 1){
                         System.out.println("*Computer Chooses Scissor");
                         System.out.println("*Tie, Game will be Replayed. Choose Paper(P), Scissors(S), or Rock(R):");
                      else if (computer == 2)
                         System.out.println("*Computer Chooses Paper");
                         System.out.println("*" + Players[0] + " cuts " + Players[1]);
                         WinnersR1[0] = Players[0];
                         LosersR1[0] = Players[1];
                         win = true;
                         System.out.println("*Computer Chooses Rock");
                         System.out.println("*You loose");
                         WinnersR1[0] = Players[1];
                         LosersR1[0] = Players[0];
                         win = true;
    That's just for the Scissors part of it, but the rest looks pretty much like it.

    To give a better description of the problem, lets say I play 10 times, and every time I choose Scissor. 9 out of those 10 times the computer will choose Rock. Something similar happens if I choose Paper or Rock...
    Any idea what could be wrong?
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    The rand function as I recall from my days in college having to write games for our projects is that it is not all that random when it has few choices to choose from. About all you could do is try to use the rand method and incorporate some more logic with it to cause the choice to be more random.
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