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    Microsoft Java console?

    I tried for ages to download JavaSuns JVM and then the SDK or whatever, totally confused as to what i was even downloading, (think i got that the JVM is the platform that sits ontop of windows/DOS) in an attempt to start learning Java, but it would stall at 8% or something.

    Then.........i was 'looking around' at stuff in the windows control panel or registry or even the system files and i opened something called Java. Now it's there at the bottom of the View options panel : Microsoft (R) VM for Java 5.0 release

    So i guess this is a JVM and i did all that for nothing?

    Finally i have a Bloodshed Dev-C++ installed, i was wondering, when you people first started learning Java/C++ where exactly did you start? I feel like an ant about to start climbing a mountain.

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    lol ya, Windows since like 95 (I think) has come with a JVM, but if you want to compile, you should go get the J2SE from java.sun.com. Its kinda crazy on the Sun Java site, because they never exactly tell you what your downloading . I can see exactly how you could get lost, and I got lost TONS when I tried to get the JDK 1.3 which had been renamed or something to J2SE.

    Anyhows, I am 14, and started with Java just recently, but I stated with C/C++ about ooh say 2 years ago. I was about 12 or 13 when I started but never really did anything groundbreaking with it . I DID manage to aquire the worlds largest collection of "Hello World!" programs though . It can seem really daunting at first, but just keep at it, and invest $50 in a good C++ book would be my advice
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    Originally posted by soccerdvy
    I DID manage to aquire the worlds largest collection of "Hello World!" programs though .
    You should open up a website for those. A collection of "Hello World"s in every language out there.
    I would visit.



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