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    Help with basic java project

    Enter a long string: My name is YA123
    Enter a substring: name
    Length of your string:14
    Length of your substring:4
    Starting position of your substring in string: 4
    String before your substring: My
    String after your substring: is YA123
    Enter a position between 0 and 13: 5
    The character at position : a
    Enter a replacement string: username
    Your new string is: My username is YA123

    I need help with this code which probably looks very basic for some of you, but I'm struggling right now.

    I have up to length of the substring, as shown in the following code.
    	Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.in);
    		System.out.print("Enter a long string: ");
    		String longSt = keyboard.nextLine();
    		System.out.println("Enter a substring: ");
    		String substring = keyboard.nextLine();
    		int longlength = longSt.length();
    		System.out.println("Length of your string: " + longlength);
    		int sublength = substring.length();
    		System.out.println("Length of your substring: " + sublength);
    Can someone please help me, I'm stuck because i don't know how to program finding characters of strings that the user creates.

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    You are more likely to obtain a response if you post in the correct forum - this is nothing to do with JavaScript (or DOM and JSON scripting). I assume it's Java.
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    Douh! I'm sorry thank you very much.

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    Refrain from re-posting a thread, rather, ask a moderator for it to be moved accordingly (which I did by myself now).

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    Simply use indexOf on string. It accepts a string as well:
    PHP Code:
            System.out.println("Starting position of your substring in string: " longSt.indexOf(substring)); 
    Note in this example you have here, the starting position is 3, not four. But that differs from the starting index versus the position within the string. Arrays are 0 based in java, so that would indicate that the character array for this string starts its substring in position 3, which is the fourth character of the string.

    Once you get the index you can use that as a part of the substring method to determine start and end positions (with length's involved).


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