Hi I have the following expression that I found using google (regex is the bane of my existence) and it searches for all math equations such as + * 1 / () ect

what I wish to do is grab all the values (numbers) out of the string in order and put inside the array "stackNumbers" and all the operations (in order) into another array "stackOperations" with an infinite find on the operations/numbers

but the tricky part I want to do with this regex is to have any string inside of a "" which would match "test1" or "te1st" but not "1test" and put this (in order) into the "stackNumbers" array but they have to be in order with the numbers also so if i had the following input

"stackNumbers" would look like this "10,5,var15,55,l33t,5" and "stackOperations" would look like this "+,+,*,/,+"

heres the regex i have currently