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    Floating of DIVs doesn't work

    Hi, I downloaded template and everything was ok. After I make some changes and now it doesn't work. But I doesn't understand HTML. I read about that and it should be something with floating of DIVs. But I really can figure it out. Can you please give me a hint?

    There's source code: http://gazellafreeware.1apps.com/
    And problem: http://s8.postimg.org/z5zwnzytf/problem.png

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    Hello marleniuspolo,
    There's really no way to tell what went wrong from the information you've given us. The screencap shows it broke but doesn't give any clue as to why. It's always best to post a link to the test site, we can get the markup and CSS from that.

    In the demo of the template you link to, .left and .right are floated inside.cont is 900px wide so any floats you put beside each other inside that containing element could not add up to a width bigger than that.

    Have a quick study of the box model to see why. See the box model here. The box model says that whatever you put inside an element cannot be larger than that element. margin/padding/border all count when figuring width/height.
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