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    Text move to the left when...


    Hi there everyone! Thank you for checking out this topic!

    I'm working on a joomla website and I have a problem.

    There are three positions..

    Left module (Menu), middle maincon(Text), right module(Image).

    What happens now is if I disable the right module, it will completely dissapear and the text will fill up the whitespace. However if I disable the left module (menu) the text doesn't fill up the whitespace.

    I would like the same thing to happen when I disable the left module. I want the text to fill up the menu space when the menu is disabled while at the same time the right module will stay on it's spot.

    How can I achieve this?
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    Without a link so we can see what the page is doing, it is impossible to determine what changes will be necessary to get the effect you want.
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