I am new to this forum, so let me start by saying hello.

I am looking to do something on a clients site, but am not sure what exactly I need to do. This may be a Javascript question, but it pertains to HTML as well.

So, I built a custom Wordpress website about a year back for a company (http://www.equipmenttransportllc.com.) Many of their employees have email addresses with the companies domain name. Often they use our web hosts webmail site to login and check their emails (http://www.email.1and1.com). However, I do not like that they have to go right to an outside companies site to login to their webmail. So, I am wanting to have a page on the companies website, where employees can go to and enter their email address and password... hit the login button, and then be redirected to the webservers webmail page. This way, it looks more like the companies website, and maintains a bits on uniformity.

I do not mind if the page redirects after the employee enters their credentials and hits login... but I want to have a form on the companies site where they can enter these credentials. A similiar exampe I found is:


I tried to view the source of our webservers login page (http://www.email.1and1.com) but was quickly lost in all of the code and was unable to decipher what all was needed. I would like to have a nice frame around the login boxes, like you see on the 1and1.com website... but as long as it works, I'd be ok with it.

Can anyone help me with something like this? I just need to know what code I would need to extract in order to be able to utilize it into my website. Thank you.