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    Lightbulb HTML5 specifically for UX prototyping?

    Since HTML5 shortens lots of syntax and there are lots of lovely CSS frameworks available for grids, what's the best way to learn HTML5 purely to produce in-browser prototypes with interactions intact?

    This year I want to move away from flat documentation and into living, usable code that conveys better structure to the front-end developers I'm working with.

    Basic requirements would be:

    - only needs to work in one browser (eg. Chrome or Safari)
    - only needs to work locally
    - doesn't need to validate (since it's not going on the internet)
    - needs to have a reusable kit of reusable elements
    - needs to be simple to learn for novice coders (like me)
    - is ultimately faster than flat wireframing and provides better results

    Many of the UX books I've read on the subject don't give HTML prototyping the detail it needs for designers who come from a non-coding background.
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    Sounds like more work than necessary, especially if the front-end developers have to implement the features “again”, then. You could as well convey the user interaction by creating a slideshow in a presentation program (e. g. MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, LibreOffice Impress …) or use Adobe Fireworks which is specialized exactly in creating wireframes and interactive mockups.


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