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    HTML Page LayOut

    Hey there,

    I am pretty new to the HTML and now trying to come up with a web page that has some simple layouts.

    My goal is to have a left pane that has all the navigation buttons like, HOME, Contact US,....... and then the top part having a Logo and then the bottom part having some information that also doesn't change from page to page. So the only part in the page that changes is the center and right half.

    I would like to think this is easy to do. And i was able to come up with something that's close. But the part i am struggling with is drawing border lines to

    1. separate the Left Navigation pane area from the dynamically changing center & right area.
    2. separate the top portion having Logo from the dynamically changing center & right area and also from Left Navigation area.
    3. separate the bottom portion from the dynamically changing center & right area also from Left Navigation area

    I would like to see some sample HTML that does this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you studied HTML5 at all?

    The top section could go within "header"; the bottom within "footer"; the navigation within "nav"; the main area with "section", and the last column with "aside". The propriety of those latter two depends on how you're using them, though.

    As for how to make part static and part dynamic…there are a few ways to do that. I use PHP, myself, there are other methods.


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