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    Smile Shared map with input interface in HTML5

    I am a newbie in HTML5 and geolocation. I want to know the following before starting a project:

    Is it possible to create an HTML5 application that:
    a. allows a user to mark a location on a map (e.g. google maps) from a mobile device
    b. allows a user to enter more information (text & images) per mark
    c. this map with the marked location appears as shared for other users
    d. other users can submit their marks as well
    e. marks may need to be verified by an admin before appearing on shared map
    f. users can get the distance and directions from their location to a specific mark in a graphical way on e.g. a google or bing map.

    If it is possible, can you please indicate the level of difficulty for this?
    Are there any resources, tutorials, APIs that can help me towards this direction?

    Thanks, Kadjia

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    If it is possible - Yes, the hams use this for vehicle location and area weather.
    The level of difficulty - Not easy, maybe mid level, but you have a lot of stages.
    I know of no tutorials on this.
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    I suggest you to Hire a developer for this,,, I'm sure it's not easy to develop this kind of project..


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