Hey guys and gals,
So heres the deal i use to be good at this stuff then i stopped doing it, now my new job i am building a website for the store im working at at zero charge but i came to this issue, my menu bar is at the top of the page it goes like this

IMAGE Link link link link link image

im using a sprite for the whole thing, now when i add a drop menu,
then add a link to it, it pulls my sprite into it for the link because of

ul#menu li#store a }
ul#menu li#store a:hover }

the problem is with the ( a ) for the ( ahref ),

i need help to find a way to have a css based drop menu with links
without it using my sprite for the background of the box.

here is my jsfiddle file of the nav i have uploaded my sprite to a site to allow for it to show you what im trying to do.


Thanks to anyone who can help