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    Text doesn't appear in Chrome after opening in DW

    I coded my website by hand in notepad because I really dislike Dreamweaver. Up until now, it worked great in every browser I tried. Now, though, I opened it in Dreamweaver CS6 to take advantage of the color coding to add descriptions to my images through the code window. All I did was add title tags to my images and save, and then upload the updated index file to my host.

    To my absolute horror, my website no longer works properly in Chrome, and Google already updated their cache so I can't even salvage the working file from them. None of the text is there. It still works fine in FF, but Chrome is busted and I have no idea why since I didn't do anything to my file but add descriptions. Did DW add something I don't know about that broke it?

    Please help! If I can't fix my site, I will not get a job if the HM is using Chrome.


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    I compared those pages in Firefox and Chrome, I didn't see any text missing in Chrome. What text in specific aren't you seeing?

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    You need to get a text editor which does decent text highlighting. The one I'm using right now, is SciTE, which is free, and available for Windows, Mac and any of the 'nix platforms, Mac is really a 'nix. Download it, install it, adjust it to your liking, then you can code your pages with full confidence that they have correct syntax.
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    The text is still there, clearly, because I can see it in both Firefox and Chrome, as Custard7A has already pointed out. What exactly is it that you are not seeing in Chrome?

    There are some issues with your markup - unclosed tags etc - but they don't seem to be causing a problem for me in Chrome.
    Use the W3C HTML Validator and CSS Validator to check your code and Firebug to see what css is applied to an element
    Read Steve Krug's book Don't Make Me Think - essential reading on web usability
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