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    header moves up in position some pages?


    I did some coding on this site for a friend of mine and she wanted the header logo to look like it was "coming out of the top of the screen".


    I pushed the entire page up using the position:relative tag 53px from the bottom.

    On the home page it is in the exact position but on other pages such as

    the page position pushes up even higher.

    How can I get it all to say the same position as the home page?

    I am not the only person who has worked on this site so I don't know if I caused the problem or someone else. I'm just a friend who she calls for quick help sometimes, I'm not very good at coding but I try to help.

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    You're using a WP theme. On basically every WP theme that I have worked on, the home page uses an h1 tag for the site title. On other pages, it uses another tag and reserves the h1 tag for the post/page title. The h1 tag has margins around it, which is pushing your content down for the home page.

    So...add this to your stylesheet:

    Then, you probably have to change your body's bottom position to 37px or so.
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