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    a simple question on dreamweaver

    is it okay to use dreamweaver, i mean cant notpad ++ give the exact same results?

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    Yes, either is fine, if you write code yourself and don't rely on the WYSIWYG features. If you use them, you may easily design your site, but the code you create will be bloated, non-standard, inaccessible, and convoluted. If you need to change something down the line, it will be a pain to figure out what is going on.

    Hand coding is the only way to go as a professional.

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    Use Dreamweaver in code view However, you do get lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h123er2 View Post
    is it okay to use dreamweaver, i mean cant notpad ++ give the exact same results?
    I use both. Notepad++ for quick-and-dirty coding and Dreamweaver for stuff that I publish to the Web.

    Pluses for Dreamweaver:
    • More elegant general interface (e.g., icons and fonts).
    • More intuitive/informative FTP interface.
    • Recognizes files with *.xslt file extension. (I filed a bug on that in the Notepad++ bug tracker years ago and the issue still isn't fixed.)
    • Associates XML files with XSLT style sheets.
    • Invalid code notifications.
    • Special color-coding for SVG code.
    • Proper support for open-with-browser functionality. (I can't get Opera to open via Notepad++ menu shortcuts, for example.)

    Pluses for Notepad++
    • More elegant indenting. (Notepad++ indents wrapped text at the same level as the line it wrapped from instead of wrapping it to the beginning of the next line like Dreamweaver.)
    • Button for showing/hiding hidden characters. (In Dreamweaver, you have to go through a two-level menu or use a custom keyboard shortcut to toggle the view of hidden characters.)
    • Proper XHTML color-coding support. (When you use XML syntax where it differs from HTML—like <script/>, which isn't allowed in the latter—color-coding functionality stops working correctly in Dreamweaver.)
    • Loads faster.
    • Free. (I get Dreamweaver through Creative Suite Design & Web Premium student editions, which I mainly buy for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, so it's not really a big deal for me.)

    Strikes against both:
    • No support for *.es (ECMAScript) files.
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