Hi there everyone,

I have a basic structure to the website i'm working on, but there are a few things I am having some difficulty with (probably fairly basic to you, but i'm having trouble fixing the issues). Any help would be greatly appreciated (i've uploaded the files to the link below where you can download them so you can see the page, code, etc). Here's what I need help with in completing so I can move forward with the other pages of the site:

1. The logo in the header with the page links needs to be moved closer to "Home" link

2. The 2 background logos need to be raised and moved over closer towards the centre video (so they appear centred in their respective areas)

3. I want to add a Facebook like button below the 3 awards under the video, but still in the same black rectangle as the 3 awards

4. I have the homepage and the bio page complete, but I want to add a transition between the 2 pages (and ultimately all pages) where the logos and top title text remain fixed and just the middle part moves to the left and transitions to the next page (I guess that would be JavaScript). For example, when you click on "bio" from the homepage, the video, awards and Facebook button would move to the left and the "bio" information page would move in from the right to centre

Link to files: http://ge.tt/1UHvchh/v/0

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!