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    Anchor link not going to top of page?

    Sorry, I tried the one place I hadn't and it worked. Seems I had to put the anchor between a div called head_wrap and the img src of the header itself.

    I'm trying to create a 'back to top' link on my tumblr blog here: http://thisisenglandtribute.tumblr.com

    I have my link in place OK (foot of the page, naturally), but clicking it doesn't take you quite to the very top. As you can see when clicking it, it falls short my about 40px or so.

    I have my anchor positioned immediately before the <head> tag in my code, and have tried it in various different positions, but it always falls short of the very top when clicking the link, no matter where I put the anchor.

    I'm on XP, using firefox and the anchor code I'm using is:

    <a id="top"></a> as the anchor, and <a href="#top">Top</a> as the link code
    What am I doing wrong please?
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    So you solved it? If so then edit your first post (in advanced mode) and select “Resolved” from the select box next to the title field.


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