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    Please Review the website

    Please let me know is there is anything wrong with the website, i'm beginner in css


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    Hello h123er2,
    I like the site, it looks really good so I'll give it a go. Short and to the point so please don't get offended.

    From the top then:
    • no point with zeroing out padding on body since there is no default padding
    • 100% height on #wrapper may not be doing what you think it is
    • Sami Designs is not a paragraph
    • #nav li is invalid
    • 500px height on #content-right doesn't really work since there is more than 500px of content there. It's always best not to specify a height and let the element expand to contain what you put in it. In this case, you float #updates but you don't put anything beside #updates...sort of the whole point of floats. At any rate, if an element contains floats you will need to understand how and when to clear them.
    • .line should be a horizontal rule. See examples here.
    • what is auto margins supposed to do on a full width element like #footer-content?
    • #footer-title is so important you don't even style it. See divitis here.
    • Extra contents is not a paragraph
    • Website designed by ... is not a paragraph
    • All those <div class="clear"></div> are just added markup. See the link above about clearing floats.

    I think some padding on your .paragraph's p.line-right might help, the text is right up next to the border right now.

    To show you why you need to clear your floats, look at your #footer-content with a background color like this -
     #footer-content {
        background: #f00;
        margin: auto;
        width: 1100px;
    Then clear the floats like this and see the difference -
    #footer-content {
        background: #f00;
        margin: auto;
        overflow: auto;
        width: 1100px;
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