I need some help/advice on how to set up my own computer as a server... just for myself to use.

I want to be able to use localStarge with IE9 and test it, but of course to do this, files run through IE9 require going through a server first for the localStorage to work (pain in the arse for testing). But my webpage is forever going to be offline, as it was built for complete private use in playtesting a boardgame I made.

But, this is all useless if I can't SAVE my game (it is a loooooong boardgame to pay, and at the moment, after a few hours of playing, I get 'seemingly random' runtime errors that I can't identify, which crash the site).

I know nothing about using servers (from my own computer or otherwise), so please bare with me on this.

What is the best route for me to follow here?

Any suggestions?