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    An onclick css event for navigation

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to have my website navigation highlight the link the user clicks so they know the website is responding. Unfortunately my store has a lot of products and it suffers in the speed department. So my boss wants this little feedback just to assure the visitor that something is happening.

    I have tried everything I can think of but cannot get the correct code for this. The live site is http://www.theimagecollective.com. Thank you in advance! Here is my css:

    .nav-container { background:#232324 url(../images/bkg_nav0.jpg) 50% 0 repeat-y; border-top-width: 1px;border-top-color: #39393A;border-top-style: solid;border-left-style: solid;border-left-color: #39393A;border-left-width: 1px;border-right-color:#39393A;border-right-style: solid;border-right-width: 1px;}
    #nav { width:918px; margin:0 auto; padding:0 14px; font-size:15px; }
    /* All Levels */ /* Style consistent throughout all nav levels */
    #nav li { position:relative; text-align:left; }
    #nav li.over { z-index:998; }
    #nav a,
    #nav a:hover { display:block; line-height:1.3em; text-decoration:none; }
    #nav span { display:block; cursor:pointer; white-space:nowrap; }
    #nav li ul span {white-space:normal; }
    #nav ul li.parent a { background:#F9F9F9 }
    #nav ul li.parent li a { background-image:none; }
    /* 0 Level */
    #nav li { float:left; }
    #nav li.active a { color:#c93849; }
    #nav a { float:left; padding:6px 43px; color:#ddd; font-weight:normal; border-right-color:#39393A;border-right-style: solid;border-right-width: 1px;}
    #nav li.last a { border:0;}
    #nav li.over a,
    #nav a:hover { color:#c93849; }
    /* 1st Level */
    #nav ul li,
    #nav ul li.active { float:none; margin:0; padding-bottom:1px; background:#EDEEF0 url(../images/bkg_nav1.gif) 0 100% repeat-x; }
    #nav ul li.last { background:#EDEEF0; padding-bottom:0; }
    #nav ul a,
    #nav ul a:hover { float:none; padding:0; background:none;border:0; }
    #nav ul li a { font-weight:normal !important; }
    /* 2nd Level */
    #nav ul,
    #nav div { position:absolute; width:15em; top:33px; left:-10000px; border: 1px solid #CCCCCC;}
    #nav div ul { position:static; width:auto; border:none; }
    /* 3rd+ Level */
    #nav ul ul,
    #nav ul div { top:5px; }
    #nav ul li a { background:#F9F9F9; }
    #nav ul li a:hover { background:#fff; }
    #nav ul li a,
    #nav ul li a:hover { color:#2f2f2f !important; }
    #nav ul span,
    #nav ul li.last li span { padding:3px 15px 4px 15px; }
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    traditionally one uses javaScript to handle onclick events.
    you could add extra class to clicked element and remove it afterwards.
    i didn't went trough your entire code, but i see you have jquery already loaded so it should be a moment for you

    and your site's performance is server-related rather then caused by volume
    + you have bunch of javacript errors

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    You'll want to look at the anchor pseudo-classes.

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