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    Question Styling not right on iPad.

    Oy, all these different browsers and sizes to have to deal with now! It's starting to drive me bonkers! LOL

    I just finished up a site that was looking great on regular browsers, and is pretty decent on the iphone as well (still adding a few little tweaks, like for the homepage slider). BUT, apparently on the iPad, there are some little problems and I'm having difficulty trouble-shooting them. I did find a couple of on-line iPad simulators, but they seem to be caching the page when I view it, so it doesn't show changes I've made right away. Obviously this makes it difficult to get through the trouble-shooting process. Most of the issues appear to be in the header area. Primarily, the social links and the location ("Los Angeles | Palm Springs") are appearing underneath the menu bar instead of in the pink bar above, and the logo isn't sitting cleanly on top of that red bar. Otherwise, it seems mostly good.

    Note: The "Galleries" pages are the ones with issues according to my client, and I can see the problems on this emulator. But on THIS one, everything looks great. BLARGH!

    Any suggestions what I can do? It seems the problems are with interior pages right now. Note: This is a WordPress site, and the original template is supposed to be quite Responsive, but I have modified the heck out of it so the original theme developer isn't inclined to assist with this trouble-shooting (I guess I can't blame them there, but it's still a little frustrating).

    Here's the site.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Hey there,
    Well to start off, I personally use 2 things to test on ipads, iphones, etc.

    1. iOS Simulator from XCode
    2. Sauce - https://saucelabs.com/

    If you continue to have problems, it would be worth your time to invest / look into some Responsive Frameworks like bootstrap, foundations, and skeleton.

    Other than that, all i can say is buy an ipad....use it for the week or so that you need it to finish your site, then return it.

    IF you do continue to have issues and have some sort of funding, im sure i could help more. Just PM me.

    Hope this helps



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